Tuesday, 13 March 2012


It's on the shelves! We're in it! Dashing bunch of misfits aren't we :)

As mentioned in the last post, the photo was taken of us on the roof of the Unicorn pub, in the freezing cold during a snow storm. Great how it looks like we're space instead!

Need to say a quick apology to our old pal Neil 'Two Scoops' May (original Crumbling Ghost bass player). As is the nature of the beast, there's a few inaccuracies in the interview (to Malcolm Dome's credit, it can't be easy having five people rambling on, then trying to make sense of it on a dictaphone). Neil wasn't asked to leave or gotten rid of as the interview implies, also his virtuoso jazz playing was very much appreciated! Neil simply left to do other things and we wish him all the best.

In other news, we had a 6 hour rehearsal session at the weekend. There was cake and sandwiches followed by ale and crisps. Awesome. Five new songs almost ready to record (two original songs, and three traditional songs given the CG treatment), we'll no doubt have them ready to go by the end of the next 6 hour session later this month. Well, we better have them finished as we're in the studio to record them in April. From there it'll be a bit of tweaking of the Brixton recording sessions we did last year, then mastering everything into Crumbling Ghost II - The Peculiar Wheelbarrow (okay it might not actually be called that).

Just a quick reminder that the album is available through the Withered Hand Site (though we are starting to run low on stock!) and also on itunes as well as various other places.

Also a quick shout out to our boys in Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight. They're having their album launch on the 23rd March at the Unicorn and you really should go. Facebook event is here!

And speaking of Facebook, please come and 'like' us! CG Facebook page Until next time

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