Monday, 6 February 2012


Hi all, Well Saturday's gig was great fun! A pleasure to play with Stubb again and really enjoyed what Sedulus are doing too. To everyone that braved the blizzard to see us, thanks for making it a great first gig of the year. If they could all be like that I'd be a happy man! We didn't manage any new songs but they're coming along nicely in the rehearsal space, so maybe another time. Also, we did a little interview (our first ever actually) with Classic Rock presents PROG. We were taken up to the flat above the Unicorn and interviewed by Malcolm Dome (whose interviews/reviews I used to read as a kid!), then shimmied out of the window and braved the hazards of a roof top in the snow for our photo shoot. They looked pretty amazing from what we were shown. Steam pouring out of vents meeting the falling snow above us, crazy stuff! So until next time, we'll continue working on the new album and trying to get some gigs together. As usual, let us know if you've got a gig in the pipeline! Cheers -Donny

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