Photo Courtesy of Barney Bodoano

Left to Right: Matt Atkins (Drums), Ruth Atkins (Bass), Katie Harnett (Vocals), John Mosley (Guitar/Vocals), Donny Hopkins (Guitar)

Crumbling Ghost came together at the beginning of 2009 in London and are now based in London, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Nottingham.  The initial line up was John Mosley (Guitar and vocals), Donny Hopkins (Guitar), Matt Atkins (Drums) and Neil May (Bass).  We played our first gig - an improvised collaboration with Damo Suzuki – in March 2009.  After that, our sound started to further reflect our love of sludgy-rock, open tunings and traditional folk.

Our self-titled debut album was released in March 2011  on Donny’s own Withered Hand Records.  Check out the Press section to read some reviews of the record.  You can also buy the record for £7 including postage here

After our debut was released, we got a great new bass player (Ruth Atkins) and expanded to a five piece with Katie Harnett taking on vocal duties. We have since recorded and released our follow up album 'II' in July 2013.  Like the first, it is a mix of original compositions and our own take on traditional folk songs.

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