Thursday, 14 June 2012


Ahoy there!

Thought I'd throw an update out there as we've been a bit quiet recently. We're still going strong, though we're now a 'distance' band (John is living in Newcastle, while the rest of us are still in Laaahnndann) so things have slowed down a tad.

That said, work is progressing nicely on the second album. The recording sessions are split in two (similar to the first album). The first session we did last year at One Cat in Brixton, the second we did earlier this year at Holy Mountain in Hackney. The Holy Mountain session is now complete with all the tweaks were finished last weekend. Hopefully we're back at One Cat in August to tweak the first session. Then it's just mastering to go! So fingers crossed it will still be out this year. If we can't find anyone to release it, we'll just do ourselves again through Withered Hand Records.

We've got two great gigs in the pipeline - both in London (we've failed in our attempts to get gigs anywhere else! - but we're working on that). I'll put up details when everything's set in stone.

Last but not least, we did a great little interview recently with Sonic Escapes that you can find HERE

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