Friday, 5 July 2013


Howdy all!

After a long time coming it's actually here, Crumbling Ghost II is now available from Withered Hand Records bandcamp page ahead of its official 'shop' release date of the 15th July.

Also, great to hear the opening track 'The Good Old Way' on Tom Ravenscroft's 6 Music show tonight and hear all the good things people have been saying about it.



  1. The new album is terrific - well done! Is there any news on upcoming gigs at all? Do you have a mailing list? It would be great if you played a gig or two on the south coast, or do you never stray that far from Norwich?

  2. Hi Tidy, thanks for the kind words. No mailing list, but we have the blog, a twitter account and Facebook. We're a bit rubbish at getting/booking gigs so end up waiting to be offered them (which doesn't happen very often!). However, we're up for playing anywhere so hopefully we'll reach the south coast soon enough. Oh and we're not from Norwich, everyone thinks that! We're spread over London, Newcastle and Nottingham. Cheers -Donny