Monday, 9 January 2012


So we're still working on the second album. Five songs have been recorded so far (during the summer last year) and we're due back in the Studio at Easter to record three or four more tracks/tart up the tracks from last year. Things are a little slow as John is now living up in Newcastle and we're doing the 'long distance band' thing. That means we get a days practice in every 6 weeks or so and hopefully a gig the same day. That's coming up soon as we have a gig supporting Stubb at their album launch - Saturday February 4th - London Unicorn - Free Entry! Hopefully we'll nail one of the new album tracks ready for playing at the gig that night.

The track I've put up on facebook is from last years 'summer' sessions. It's a reworking of Reynardine. An old folk/trad tale of a fox that seduces and then abducts women. Either that or I've completely misunderstood it (very possible).

Hope you enjoy it, it gives a good idea of how things are sounding with Ruth and Katie in the band.

Also, we are currently looking for two things. Actually make that three things. If you're able to help out with any of these, please give us a shout at

1. Gigs - anywhere. Ideally on Saturday's or during school holidays due to the old spread out band member thing.

2. More gigs - Newcastle or nearby area as John is now living around there. Again, Saturdays or school holiday time would be best.

3. A label to put out the second album. I run Withered Hand Records and it is (and will remain), a bit of fun to release albums from friends bands and bands I play in. We can't afford magazine adverts, tracks on CD's etc and I don't have time to promote us old crumblies as I'd like to. So we're looking for someone to do it properly. Failing that I'll release it again and hopefully a 'proper' label will release the third one and so on... lofty dreams eh?

Well, I'll stop waffling and hopefully we'll see you soon.

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